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This is the new Merci motor cowling. Designed, and fabricated by Ascento Russell. It is constructed out of high grade fiber glass that makes it strong and lite. It has two air scopes on the top to give the motors the right amount of air. The cowling is a two piece part bottom pan, and the top. Its held together by rubber bands on each side, and a clip on the back for easy excess. The MERCI motor cowling is designed to give the motor protection from water, and other debri. The cost is $98.00 it comes painted black with the stickers installed on it, or $88.00 for just cowling painted black without stickers, also there is the Merci MINI cowling 7.5 and 11cc. Cost for the 7.5 is $65.00 comes black with decals, and for the 11cc is $75.00. Please make it clear which cowling you want when ordering, if it is going to be GAS or ELECTRIC or the MINI, and the size boat thank you. ORDER YOURS TODAY! 



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