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This is the new AR80 CAT BOAT. It is 80" long 21" wide 5 3/4" at the highest point. It is design for outboard motors, or inboard motors, gas setup or electric setup, the boat is designed by Ascento Russell. It is made using a close mold infusion process with a high grade vinyl esta resin. The boat comes with three style cockpits single, dual with a 10" gap between or dual with a 5" gap. PRICE for boat $1,000.00 thats the bare hull with white primer paint on it. Price for RTR twin gas outboard motors is $4,671.00 Price for twin outboard elcetric motors is $6,200.00 Price for twin inboard gas motors is $4,500.00 Price for twin inboard electric motors is $6,000.00 To order just call (407)4052831 or send email to Also check out the new AR 60" CAT and the AR 40" CAT. 

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